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“Newton Machine” at Topshop – June 10th

helmut newton
Left: Chaussure, Monte Carlo, 1983; Right: Catherine Deneuve.  Both Photos Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton, famous for his black and white photography often featuring nudes or scantily clad women, developed a Newton Machine in the 1970s that allowed a person to be model, stylist and photographer all at once.  Helmut Newton explains how it works:

 In 1972, he noted: “I have had a machine built, which is hooked up to a motor driven camera. The Machine has a timing mechanism, which can be adjusted by the sitter. A mirror is placed next to the camera so she can check her pose, a strobe light is connected to my magic box, before each exposure a bell rings and a warning light blinks: all this designed to keep the model on her toes and keep her excited.”

Topshop has teamed up with The Helmut Newton Foundation to house their own version of the Newton Machine beginning on Tuesday, June 10th, at the Oxford Street flagship in London.  Shoppers are invited to use the machine and Topshop is providing nail touch ups by Nars and a rack of Topshop clothing for shoppers to choose from.  The photos will be displayed online and in an in-store gallery.  Topshop is also displaying iconic Helmut Newton fashion photos in store and has a special paper bags for the occasion.  If I were in London I would definitely make my way over to test out the machine.  Think Glamour Shots but much more arty-pants.

helmut newton
Elsa Perretti, photographed by Helmut Newton in 1975.

Info:  Vogue UK

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