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Museo de la Moda, Chile’s Newest Fashion Museum


It took ten years to turn Jorge Yarur Bascuñán’s parents’ home into a museum of fashion

Yarur was an only child born to extremely wealthy parents in the affluent city of Santiago, Chile. Before his parents passed away, he was like any other child of privilege: conflicted in carrying on the family profession (banking), aimless in his own ambitions, and looking for companionship within his imminent materialistic lifestyle. But it was his mother’s impeccable, worldly style that pushed him to save the mint-condition Balenciaga and Dior dresses she accumulated before he was born, and set up shop in his childhood home.

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I was drawn to this story partly because of the elegant and timeless dresses in the picture dating back to the 17th century, but mostly because of the sadness I felt in Yarur’s tribute to his glamorous mother. Here’s an excerpt:

As a prominent socialite and wife of a banker, his mother amassed a covetable collection of designer outfits, all of which she had kept in perfect condition. ‘My mother was not a fashion victim, but she liked to dress in a special way,’ Yarur, 46, says. In photographs his mother, who died in 1996, bears a resemblance to Rita Hayworth. With wavy, dark hair and voluptuous curves squeezed into silk blouses and pencil skirts, she was extremely glamorous – and she obviously loved to shop. Of the 8,000 pieces in the museum, 500 belonged to her, many of which were bought on her eight-month honeymoon in Europe.

Inside the museum are hundreds of photographs of Yarur’s parents, along with home videos taken before Yarur was born: his mother on the beach in a scarlet swimming costume and matching lipstick; his handsome father swaggering towards the camera across the sand; his parents laughing together on holiday. Yarur, who now lives alone in his own house in Santiago, says the films and photographs still affect him. ‘Every time I see them I feel sad. I was an only child so I don’t have any other family.

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