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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Tip of the Week: Always a Lady, Never Out of Hand – M.I.S.S. Michelle’s D.I.Y. Nail Brightener

My nails are painted for months at a time. Damn, when you say it out loud, you start to realize how strange the acknowledgement really is, and then when I actually start to think about what this means – that my nails are covered in layers of lacquer for something like 50 weeks a year, the whole notion seems even more absurd. With all this in mind, I decided to give my nails a break, a summer vacation if you will, and let them “breath? without polish for a couple weeks. It was through being on nail polish hiatus, and having naked nails, that I realized to what extent cooking, cleaning, gardening, and just living; how all these actvities stain one’s nails, and that is how I came up with his week’s tip: A fast and inexpensive way to make a NAIL WHITENER with common household ingredients.

What you need:

1 Teaspoon Apple CiderVinegar (disinfectant)
1 Teaspoon Peroxide (bleaching agent)
1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice (bleaching agent and fragrance)
2 Tablespoons Baking Soda

Old Toothbrush or Nail Brush
Cotton Swabs

Mix the ingredients in a bowl. (It will make a fizzing sound, this is normal.)
With a cotton swab, using a slight scrubbing motion, apply the whitener on top and underneath the nails. Let sit for 1-2 minutes. Then scrub lightly with a nail brush/toothbrush, and rinse in luke warm water. Follow with a hand moisturizer.

This nail whitener can be used on hands and feet and will give your nails a clean and brightened, slightly buffed look. Apple cider vinegar restores PH balance, lemon juice scents and brightens along with peroxide, and baking soda buffs and disinfects.

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!

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