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KRS One Schools Us On Hip Hop

krs one

powerHouse Books and KRS ONE announce the creation of I Am Hip Hop, a new imprint launching in Spring 2009. I Am Hip Hop shall serve as a home for cutting-edge, positive material related to the true culture and philosophies of Hip Hop. Dedicated to publishing high-quality books ranging from serious philosophical treatises to urban photography projects or engaging fictional novels, this imprint will release material personally chosen and overseen by Hip Hop legend, KRS ONE.

The Gospel of Hip Hop, the first book from the I Am Hip Hop imprint set for release in Spring 2009, is the philosophical masterwork KRS ONE. Set in the format of the Christian Bible, this 600+ page opus is a manual to life for members of Hip Hop Kulture that combines classic philosophy with religious faith and practical knowledge for a fascinating, in-depth exploration of Hip Hop as a life-path. Now known as “The Teacha,? KRS ONE developed his unique outlook as a homeless teen in Brooklyn, New York, engaging his philosophy of self-creation to become one of the most respected emcees in Hip Hop history. Respected as Hip Hop’s true steward, KRS ONE painstakingly details the development of the culture and the ways in which we, as Hiphoppas, can and should preserve its future.

This looks like it’s going to be a great series of books and I’m looking forward to the release in Spring 09!

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