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Jawbone – Who Said Bluetooth Couldn’t Look Good?

jawbone noise assasin

I tried using a bluetooth headset a few years back and gave up after about 3 tries. It was a big deal to get me to walk around with something on my head that made me look like an alien maniac – trust me. But, to have it not work really well and feel like I couldn’t hear anything was just too much. It got tossed into the pile of stuff never to be used again. A few weeks ago I came across Jawbone and said Halleluja! Someone has heard my prayers for a nice, sleek looking bluetooth headset. One that is more like jewelry, since after all, it’s on your face! I personally was hoping something a bit more bamboo inspired so I could coordinate my bluetooth with my earrings but this is close enough.

The design of the new Jawbone is unparalleled in its sleek simplicity. The headset comes in gold, black or silver finish with optional fine leather earloops. Not only do they look good, but they have a feature called “noise assassin” that picks up your voice and kills all the other annoying sounds in the background. Check out these videos to see how they work. Jawbone is the future! I can’t wait to get one.

Another video after the jump . . .

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One Response to “Jawbone – Who Said Bluetooth Couldn’t Look Good?”

  1. thanks for the tip! i got my hands on one and am absolutely in LOVE with it! i can go shopping on my lunch break and pretend that i’m at my desk…without my boss suspecting a daaamn thang!


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