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If I Was A Rich Girl: Vintage Christian Dior

*I know proper grammar dictates the use of the word “were” not “was” but the title is a tongue in cheek reference to the song Rich Girl song*
This week, unveiled a special sale of vintage Christian Dior pieces from the 1940s to the 1980s. There’s everything from sunglasses, gloves, hats, brooches and gowns. Many of the pieces were surprisingly affordable and went fast. Of course, I’m always drawn to what I can’t have – like this vintage Haute Couture silk organza beaded gown designed by Christian Dior himself. For a mere $10,000 you can buy a piece of history . . . and look fabulous.

christian dior vintage

And, “if I had all the money in the world,” I’d head over to the Chanel sale too.

chanel sale

Details on Chanel boutiques where sales will be held after the jump . . .

chanel sale

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4 Responses to “If I Was A Rich Girl: Vintage Christian Dior”

  1. michelle says:

    i am so in love with the chanel hoop earrings from cruise that you posted a little while ago. are those out yet/will they be at the sale tomorrow? that’d totally be worth waking up early and going down to rodeo for.

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    hi michelle! do you mean the big hoops with the chanel c’s on the bottom? i called the chanel store when i did the post – they did not have them in store but the sales associate said she could order them for me. i’m not sure if they’re on sale but i would call a store and ask – the staff is very friendly. just ask for the hoops that were in their spring/summer ’08 eyewear campaign. hope that helps!! if they’re on sale let me know!! hahaha.

  3. michelle says:

    ahhh no, i meant those magical ones that are blinged out hearts that form the logo.

  4. Gabriella GDK says:

    oh, those are craziness!! those earrings were in the resort show and resort usually delivers in december/january so you’ll have to wait a few months for those. :)


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