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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Traditional Gifts

father's day gift guide

Is your dad a traditional guy?  Here is our take on “traditional” father’s day gifts – you know the ties, b-b-q sets and sports themed stuff.  If your dad’s into that, no worries, there are still ways to pay attention to nice design.  Here are some of our favorites . . .

father's day gift guide traditional gifts

For the baseball fan, Ballpark Pens are perfect:  They’re made from salvaged wood from baseball stadium seats and you can even choose the stadium! If your dad’s game is golf, then the Tiffany golf ball key ring is a cute way to bring the game wherever he goes.  If your dad is into design, then a Ferragamo silk tie is a classic and Frank Gehry (world-renowned architect) Tiffany cuff links are avant garde .  If he’s into luxury, then there’s nothing better than a Louis Vuitton wallet to share the wealth.  Finally, for dad’s who like to take charge of the grill, there’s a Crate & Barrel 5-piece Pakka Wood-handled grill tool set for all of your dad’s grillin & chillin needs.

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