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Easy Rider: Dennis Hopper Curates G-Star Art Installation

dennis hopper

A work by Dennis Hopper

A few weeks back we let you know that Dennis Hopper wrote and directed a short film featuring Gwenyth Paltrow for an upcoming Tod’s campaign.  It seems that’s not his only foray into fashion.  G-Star asked Dennis Hopper to curate Raw Nights, a one-night-only art exhibition.  The show “combine[d] an apparel showroom with a screening of Hopper-directed short films and selections of his artwork — billboard photographs the actor took in the Sixties, then altered by graffiti artists — as well as a live installation by his son, Henry, made from recycled denim and found objects.”  Housed in a parking lot and storefront in Beverly Hills, the show was a bit ironic with billboards as art inside and the parking lot becoming a one-night-only gallery.  It’s unfortunate that the show is only up but all good things must come to an end.  G-Star CEO, Jos van Tilburg, stated that his goal in hosting Raw Nights was “to develop G-Star into a brand that had the accessibility and attitude of streetwear and a touch of luxury, and this initiative allows us to design and be seen from the inside out.”  This event seems very “Scion-esque” to me . . . do you think fashion companies are taking cues from car companies in how they communicate to their customers?  Or, is it the other way around. . .

Image & Info:  WWD 

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