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Coco Avant Chanel – Coco Chanel Film Update

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Last year we told you that a film based on the life of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was in the works with Audrey Tautou cast as the fashion icon.  The mysterious film set for release next year has a name:  Coco Avant Chanel, which translates roughly to Coco Before Chanel, is the back story to Chanel’s life before she became an internationally recognized designer.  British Vogue spoke to Tautou recently about her role and she stated:

I’m very happy with the script because it is about her youth and the elements which tell us what she would become and why her style is what it is today. . . . It gave me the freedom to be between the image of what people think about her [Chanel] but also her before her success.

I can’t say enough how I think Audrey Tautou is the perfect actress for this role.  This film can’t come out soon enough!

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One Response to “Coco Avant Chanel – Coco Chanel Film Update”

  1. Nina Parks says:

    I love a good back story. I’m excited to watch it.


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