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Brand Tags: What Do Brands Mean To You?

noah brier brand tags

Noah Brier, a brand strategist in New York at Naked Communications, developed a new site/experiment called Brand Tags. Basically, when you go to the site you are shown a brand logo and you type the first word that comes to mind. All the results that people have submitted are then rendered into a tag cloud – much like the ones you see on blogs. The results are interesting and often spot-on. Brier noticed that sometimes you could tell which brand a tag cloud belonged to without seeing the logo. When asked why he started the project, Brier stated: “I had this idea that if you asked enough people what a brand is, and then made it into a tag cloud, that you’d probably have a pretty good peek into what the actual perception of this brand was.” It’s true. See for yourself. You can see a video on it here and try it out here.

noah brier brand tags


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