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besame cosmetics

The name says it all! Besame, spanish for “Kiss me” is a very fitting name for a cosmetics company that got it’s start in lipstick. Founded by Gabriela Hernandez, the designer took inspiration from her grandmother’s vintage cosmetics and cases. The packaging is inspired by the old world glamour of cosmetics, when the powder and lipstick cases were so ornate they were pieces of art in their own right and could be left out on a vanity table. The Besame lipstick case features a vintage “bullet design” and the colors are also mixed based on original lipstick colors from the 1940s, when there was a red for every mood. The lipsticks are smaller than the drugstore variety, but they last longer, thanks to pigments that are more natural and concentrated. I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while because I love the story, inspiration and design of the product and I finally have a chance. For a limited time, first-time customers get a full-sized product (either a lipstick, pencil, or lip glaze) for free with their order! This deal is a great one – act fast while supplies last!

besame cosmetics

Check out the back story from the founder herself . . .

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  1. omg…i just wanted to thank you ladies for the suggestion…i bought a tube of lipstick and got my free lip liner and ill be goddamned if this isnt THE best shade of red lipstick i’ve ever purchased. it stayed on HELLA long and doesn’t taste disgusting. the packaging is absolutely beautiful and sorta makes me angry that the rest of my cosmetics aren’t as pretty. anyhoo, the lipstick is small but it’s potent. also, who wants a huge ass lipstick to carry around..the small little bullet is actually perfect for tucking in a pocket, under the bra strap or somewhere in a tiny clutch….


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