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B Spot: Benefit’s New Fragrance

benefit b spot

Benefit‘s newest fragrance, B Spot, celebrates the uniqueness of how women wear their fragrances – on their various “B Spots” of course. Women are invited to find out their “B Spots” – essentially seductive pulse points where the scent would wear the best. The scent is a sublime combination of mango, freesia, peony, amber and sandalwood. B Spot comes with a “body map” so you can find your B Spot and you can even take a quiz online to see what B Spots fit your personality. I took the quiz and it turns out I’m a “Savvy Simone” who is confident and dynamic, so naturally, my B spots are behind the knee and in my elbow bend. Find out where your B Spot is here and you can purchase B Spot here.

benefit b spot

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