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Yo Frisco! M.I.A. After Par-tay with the most Offical Tourist!!!

Ok, so we get some fun stuff on the West Siiiiide. Like the weather has been pretty fun lately, esp. last weekend and we have amazing Mexican food too…but we are also getting the most guaranteed to be a hella hyphy bunch of BANANAS after party for tomorrow nights M.I.A. concert. Yeah, M.I.A. along with the Bay’s own triple threat, Hottub will be rocking the Concourse Pavilion tomorrow night. But once the show is over, the par-tay begins!!!! The homies, Official Tourist know how to do it MOST OFFICIAL and will be hosting and throwin’ down at “The Offical Tourist Official M.I.A. Deportation After Party”. Get there early as the spot is small but guaranteed to go BIG!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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