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We Got the Beat: MGMT + Free Download

Here at M.I.S.S. Crew, we make it a priority to give our fellow ladies shine but once in a while we come across a well-deserving boy or two to highlight.

Enter MGMT.

Formerly known as The Management, MGMT consists of Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. On their debut album, Oracular Spectacular, the duo bring nothing but next level shit straight out of Brooklyn! Their sound is a mix of psychedelic dance tunes and electro-rock—reminiscent to the sounds brought to us by Prince and Malcom McLaren in the ’80s. I can’t think of anything more to say than DON’T SLEEP ON MGMT!

WATCH the video for MGMT’s “Electric Feel” below and DOWNLOADElectric FeelHERE!

For more info on MGMT check out their super-fun main site, and of course The Official MGMT MySpace!

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One Response to “We Got the Beat: MGMT + Free Download”

  1. BLB BLB says:

    MGMT!!!! Crazy, Sexy, Cool…soooo seductive! I could go on for dazzzzzzzzze about how they make me feel!!!


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