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The Tropical Storm: Sofia Maldonado

Tonight at the Magnan Emrich Contemporary there will be an opening reception by Puerto Rican artist Sofia Maldona. Come check out her Tropical Storm themed exhibit.

“The Tropical Storm is a three-part project blending elements of street culture like skateboarding, punk rock and graffiti with a feminine Latina aesthetic and the chaotic natural energy of the Caribbean. The different elements of the project -The Bowl, Broken Boards and The Skate Bags – originate from the artist’s objective to open a dialogue on the renovation of neglected public spaces and how fashion and consumerism influence counterculture youth movements (particularly how these movements are integrated into products and industries)”.

Magnan Emrich
505 West 28th St.
New York N.Y.

Opening Reception May.15th from 6-8pm. The exhibition will be showing through June.23.

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