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The Sisters Miller Add Handbags To Their Collection

Sienna and Savannah Miller started a line last year called Twenty8Twelve, and unlike most other celebrity clothing lines, it doesn’t suck. Sorry! Don’t mean to be harsh but you’ve all seen those celebrity clothing lines where the design is awful and doesn’t look anything like the stuff the celebrity wears. Twenty8Twelve is different. Savannah Miller trained at Central Saint Martins and worked for Alexander McQueen and the pieces look like something that you would actually see Sienna wearing. They are 2 collections deep and have announced that they are adding handbags to their line. The “12-piece collection of tote bags, wallets and clutch bags [comes] in a range of leathers, from soft palma leather to glossy leathers embossed with crocodile and elephant textures.” The bags range in price from a wallet for $168 to bags at $592 and will release the collection for fall. Stay tuned!


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