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Sex & The City NYC Premier

sex and the city ny premier
Last night marked the NY premier of Sex and the City, the much anticipated movie that will most definitely showcase beautiful clothes and spur a multitude of trends. The 4 leading ladies dazzled in varying shades of neutral metallics from silver, gold, ivory and gun metal black. Ms. Field didn’t shy away from color in a purple metallic ensemble paired with black, and of course her fire engine red locks. I think it’s funny that they all opted for super-shine. I wonder if the actresses knew the iconic stylist would be opting for disco metallic?

I love that they had a pink carpet for their premier (as did M.I.S.S. Crew for our 2nd Birthday Party) – what can we say, great minds think alike. I am super excited about seeing this movie but I have to express my distaste and frustration that Fergie is the artist behind the song for the movie. I don’t think that she has the most talent in the singing department and her taste level is questionable. That said, I won’t let the song ruin it for me and I’ll just plug my ears and look at all the pretty clothes.

Images: A.P.

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