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New Tint from Benefit: PosieTint

posietint benefit

Benefit‘s Benetint has had a cult following since it came out years ago and I am a part of that cult thank you very much.  I’ve never been much of a powdered blush girl – it always ends up looking fake and caked on to me.  Which is why I love Benetint – it gives you a natural rosy glow look that can be replicated by a few spins around the block.  Up until now, Benetint has only been available in a “one color suits all” shade of berry red. Benefit has cooked up a new shade for the ladies called Posietint.  Posietint is a bit lighter than Benetint and comes in a petal pink color.  The stains work equally well on cheeks and lips and last for hours.  I can’t wait to try this new shade!

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One Response to “New Tint from Benefit: PosieTint”

  1. Kim says:

    this looks soooo good! i never got the benetint cuz I don’t like really red cheeks/lips on me but this pink looks like it would be a nice alternative!!!


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