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My Two Cents: LeSportsac Needs New Ads, Pronto!

I’ve seen these LeSportsac ads for some time now and I finally had to come out and say how much I hate them. Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing, they are downright scary. It’s really upsetting to me because I am a long-time LeSportsac customer and a huge fan of their product but these ads make me want to throw it all way (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating just a tad). They have great collections, work with amazing guest designers and then they mess it all up with this invisible person ad campaign. Perhaps they thought it was a clever way of showing the product but here’s some free advice: Your product is wonderful, please let it speak for itself rather than using weird Photoshop techniques. I tore this ad out of the new Teen Vogue – a full page ad runs around $20,000 last time I checked so LeSportsac can chalk this ad up to a colossal waste of money since I don’t know anyone who would want to run out and buy a bag after seeing this:

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