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Monogramoflage Collection: Murakami x Louis Vuitton

I mean really, come on guys! Stop messing with us!!! My heart, let alone my pocket book just can’t take too much more. Just another thing to add to the “wish list”. This “Monogramoflage” collection is yet another brilliant collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami. It was revealed earlier last month that this pattern was part of the Murakami exhibit currently at the Brooklyn Museum. But when I saw the actual bag in the most recent Harper’s Bazaar I nearly lost my mind. This is a perfect example of the “trickle up” effect. Now, by “trickle up”, I mean the streets influencing the higher end market. Every fashionista, sneaker crazed, streetwearing, bamboo rocking lady (and I bet there is a guy or two out there that’s thinking about it) is gonna want to either wrap this scarf around his/her neck or slang this tote over their shoulder. This was made with “us” in mind, the art conscious, trend savvy, taste maker…or perhaps for those with money to feel more “street” or urban. Either way you look at it, Canal Street is gonna have a hay day with this one!

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