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M.I.A. Concert in San Francisco

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of going to check out the M.I.A. show in San Francisco at the Concourse Exhibition Center. It was my first show there and I didn’t realize how large the venue was. M.I.A. did a great job of packing the place though the space seemed better fit for a rave than a concert. Thousands of kids turned out – most decked out in varying shades of neon spandex . . . it seems the audience was taking a cue from M.I.A.’s color scheme. Hot Tub, an oakland trio of ladies, opened up the show and our very own M.I.S.S. Liz styled them out in their array of animal print, neon, lace and spandex. The ladies looked fabulous and their performance was great. It was my first time seeing them perform and the ladies are definitely entertaining. They’re not afraid to jump into the audience for a bit of crowd surfing, all while singing, dancing and gyrating to their beats. These ladies were definitely a great choice as an opener for M.I.A.
After Hot Tub’s set, DJ Low-B came out on the 1s and 2s and spun a set that I wish I heard at a club because all I wanted to do was dance (I feel silly getting my jam on at concerts). The set was great but the crowd was getting antsy with anticipation because they knew that if Low-B was out, M.I.A. would not be far behind. Every so often you’d hear the anxious crowd start yelling M-I-A! M-I-A! After what seemed like forever, M.I.A. finally came out to a video show that was at once dizzying and trippy – almost like you all of a sudden landed in a video game. It was also my first live M.I.A. performance and it was great to see the artist up close and personal. She was rocking a crazy ensemble of white wig, shades, sequin doggy bone track suit and purple corset/bustier. She definitely knows how to work the crowd and get her shimmy on. M.I.A. was also great with the audience interaction – at one point in the show she threw out horns for the crowd to join her in blowing them together. She played songs from Kala and from her first album Arular. After her performance, the crowd went wild and called her back for an encore, which she came out for. The show was fun and was a great interpretation of the CD that I’ve been listening to on repeat for so long. I was able to take some snaps and some video footage. Unfortunately I was too close to the speakers so the sound didn’t come out very good so I put together a little clip for you featuring stills and video. Peep it below.

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