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Limited Edition Dresses From Zachary’s Smile

While heading into my appointment at Zachary’s Smile in NYC, I was immediately taken back by the dresses in their window. Simply beautiful and irresistible. I have been collecting and rocking wax block print garments for awhile so I was instantly drawn to these. Upon further investigation I came to discovered that these lovelies are some of the latest offerings from Zachary’s Smile signature collection. The fabrics are traditional wax block prints from the Cote d’Ivorie or Ivory Coast located in West Africa. Each pattern is a limited edition print and only 2-3 dresses can be made of each print. Prices range from $268-$298 and are available at both Zachary’s Smile locations in NYC and select Anthropologie Stores. I am contemplating making a purchase!! See all the styles and some select fabrics after the jump!

Style: Femi

Style: Sangarae

Style: Jacinda

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One Response to “Limited Edition Dresses From Zachary’s Smile”

  1. Jenni says:

    Thanks! We love your site and are honored to be featured on it!
    Jenni at Zachary’s Smile


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