Karmaloop’s $1000 Sticker Contest!


Oh, yes. The sun has finally broke through all of those dark and gray skies outside, which means summer is officially upon us. And while we wait for the scorching heat to arrive (and a ice cream truck), we’ll tell you all about this Karmaloop contest that could put $1000 in your hand this summer.

The assignment: Design an ultra-cool Karmaloop sticker.
The Rules: Make your original artwork in 4″x 4″ in high resolution (300 DPI) but for the contest upload save it as a much smaller 350 x 350 jpeg just so we can upload it on our servers.

The Prize: One lucky winner will be selected June 6th and have their winning submission actually printed onto stickers we will place in orders. The winner will also take home a fat $1000 Dollar Gift Certificate to Karmaloop.com . Please no google images, no copying and pasting, just earth-shattering, slam dunk type sh!t!

Click, here to begin. Good luck!
Meanwhile, you can get these juicy and sinister stickers at Claw Money’s site now.

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One Response to “Karmaloop’s $1000 Sticker Contest!”

  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    those stickers are so cute! please say they are scratch and sniff!!


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