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If I Was A Rich Girl: Gucci Summer 08 Accessories

gucci summer 08 accessories

I’ve always loved Gucci. Maybe it’s the interlocking Gs (my first initial) or the red and green stripes (they call out to the Italian in me), but I always manage to find lots of stuff that I need in my life at Gucci. This summer they have an especially good lineup including the usual accessories but my favorite is the beach towels. I can picture myself jetsetting around to all the beautiful beaches of the world with these. The tote is great because it’s simple and big – perfect for going to the beach with your fancy beach towel. As far as jewelry, I already have bamboo earrings (the Canal Street kind) but the Gucci version are a bit more refined and are something I could see myself wearing everyday of the week. The bamboo bracelet is a nice addition to the bamboo family and no color looks better with gold than black. The stilettos are sexy as ever with the D’orsay silhouette and oversize studs on them. The keychain is a nice basic representation of Gucci motifs and the sunglasses, with their oversize gradient lenses are amazing. Ah sigh, if only . . .

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  1. diana says:

    I want eveyrthing in that picture !


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