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FSF May Contest: Enter To Win WNBA Tix!!

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Female Sneaker Fiend and Adidas have teamed up to give you the chance to win tickets to a WNBA game near you for their May contest.  Here’s the details from Female Sneaker Fiend on how to enter:

 FSF’s upcoming City Guide will feature the hottest mom and pop shops, boutiques and vintage sneaker spots recommended by female sneaker fiends world wide. And we’ll make sure to highlight the stores that carry small sizes! During the month of May, for every store you review, you will be entered into our drawing for free WNBA tickets or an official FSF logo tee of your choice. Send your entries to: by June 1st to be entered to win! Each entry should include your name and email, as well as answers to the following questions about the store(s) you’re reviewing:

Name of store:
Phone #:
Website and/or contact email (if they have one):
Vibe/staff: (ie-too cool for school, really helpful and knowledgeable, chill space, etc)
What’s good: (brands, styles, etc.)
Smallest sizes/women’s selection:
Reviewed by: (what name would you like us to list, and would you like it to be a link to anywhere (myspace, facebook, website, etc.?)
++Include 1 good pic of the store and/or their logo

The deadline for entries is June 1st so get to reviewing!!  For more info, and examples of entries go to Female Sneaker Fiend.  Good luck!!

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