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Folie à Deux by Rich-In-Craft

Rich-In-Craft is a company that was created “to preserve and grow the delicate island that is inhabited by both craftsmanship and art.” Their first creation is the exquisite Folie à Deux—a handbag created by L.A. designers, Tiffani Anne Williams and Parker Todd Brooks that “represents the quintessential duality of functional feminine artistry.?

The body of the bag is soft and beautiful. It is made of 100% wool with a pure quilted silk lining. It was handsewn by local artisans. The handle symbolizes the sharp element of the wild. The horn shape was handcrafted in a custom mold by the designers themselves using an exclusive amalgam of polyurethane and glass. The aluminum loops that comprise the bag attachment were also specifically created for the project and were brought to fruition by CNC milling. The Folie à Deux is a unique marriage between the craftsman’s hands and tools and the artist’s imagination.Which is why only thirty-six Folie à Deux will ever be made. Each will be presented on a silk pillow in a handmade, cloth-covered box. And each will be marked with its unique identification number. The number will be mirrored on the underside of the wooden label which is sewn inside each Folie à Deux bag.

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