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DVF & Wonder Woman

dian von furstenberg wonder woman
Diane von Furstenberg was inspired by none other than Princess Diana, aka Wonder Woman, for her holiday collection. DVF teamed up with Warner Brothers to produce a small capsule collection including footwear, small leather goods and ready to wear inspired by the comic superheroine. I love Wonder Woman, she was my favorite super friend growing up and I wish DVF had designed a coreseted bodysuit and wrist cuffs. But she didn’t. Instead, she took inspiration from Wonder Woman motifs like stars, stripes, corsetry, and fireworks. The collection will be in stores on October 22nd and DVF is releasing 3 gift items in time for holiday: a t-shirt, a travel blanket with a pouch, and a journal.

For those of you too young to have had the pleasure of watching the TV show, check out the opening credits – you’ll see where DVF got some of her inspiration:

And of course, the infamous spin and lasso of truth:

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