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D*Face Interview on Fecal Face

Taking his ’80s skate influences, combined with wicked bold character illustration and plenty of clever punk rock irony D*Face has developed an artist style and street art system that is all his own.

Check out the D*Face interview on and if you’re in the Bay Area, make sure to stop by Fifty24SF Gallery in SF. They’re running a show entitled RockFace D’Arm—a two-man exhibition of work by acclaimed, D*Face and Armsrock. It includes an installation, drawings & collage paper pieces. The show will be running from May 8 – May 29. More info below:

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One Response to “D*Face Interview on Fecal Face”

  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    i love d*face and forgot to go to the opening! i’ll def have to swing by and check it out.


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