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Cell Phones Go Luxe: Diorphone Launches This June


Dior just announced that they are releasing a Diorphone this June.  The Diorphone will be as “couture” as they come, and the pattern on the phone is the same pattern used on some of their handbags.  Dior created “its first technological product from scratch, including a miniature “twin” of the phone that a woman can clip to her purse or wear on a pendant, eliminating the need to dig through a handbag to answer a call.”  The mini-phone works as a bluetooth and also boasts a “mirrored display screen that can double as a compact.”  The phones also feature custom Dior icons for navigation on its high definition screen such as: “a Lady Dior handbag for tools; an oval-shaped mirror for images. All the software, built-in videos and imagery are exclusive to Dior.”  Dior expects to sell between 30,000 and 60,000 phones over the course of the next year.  With a $5000+ price tag, I’m really curious to know who’s going to buy those phones!  The Diorphone will be distributed in 225 Dior boutiques and 300 watch/jewelry specialty retailers around the world.  If the Diorphone is not “couture” enough for you, there’s also a “deluxe model studded with 640 diamonds, which comes with an alligator sheath, runs up to 18,000 euros, or $27,000.”

Image of Phone, Info & Quoted Text:  WWD

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