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Always A Lady: Less Is More

always a lady

When it comes to all things beauty: cosmetics, hair, perfume – less is more. You know the girls – they try to overcompensate for some things by piling on the makeup, perfume and hair gunk. Ladies! Realize that you’re beautiful just the way you are and you need only enhance your features — not create new ones! Here are some tips to keep you looking and smelling like a lady. Tips after the jump!

Don’t pile it on. You’ll only end up looking like a clown – not pretty. Here are some mistakes and tips on how to correct them.

Foundation – Use Less, Use A Brush, & Blend!
Sometimes I see girls with foundation really caked on. Even worse, sometimes the foundation is not blended properly so the girl ends up having uneven skin tone. To prevent this, first start using less foundation. If it ends up not being enough to cover up you can add more. You’ll be surprised but a little goes a long way. If you use a brush you won’t need to use as much and using a brush also helps with blending so that you don’t have any unevenness. Don’t forget to blend into the hairline and down your chin/neck – we want to avoid lines and have it all blend smoothly.

Pick One Feature
It’s always a safe bet to pick one feature – eyes, lips, skin – and have that be the focal point of your makeup. That’s not to say to only wear makeup on one feature – just pick one feature to be the focus. If you’re going for a really dramatic smokey eye, then pair it with a neutral lip. If you’re going for a strong lip, then opt for a neutral eye. Ladies know that it’s all in the balance.

Perfume is a funny thing. I love it and wear it everyday, but for something I love so much it can easily go very wrong. Coco Chanel once said that you should wear perfume where you want to be kissed. I’ll take it a step further and say that the person kissing you is the only person who should smell it. The worst experience is when a scent precedes someone. Instead of concentrating on you, people will be concentrating on where that smell came from. If you’re worried about your scent fading, a good way to have your scent last long is to layer the scents (in moderation!). For example, start with the perfumed body lotion, and then add your perfume. The body lotion will help the scent last longer without making you smell from a mile away. And ladies, if you’re going to be in enclosed spaces like an airplane, train or movie theater, be sure to put your scent on well before getting on the plane/in the theater (and certainly not ON the plane) so as to be courteous to your fellow travelers. Just because you love your perfume may not mean others do. The best smelling perfumes can give you a headache in closed quarters.

The grass is always greener and this could not be more true than for hair. Case in point: I was born with curly hair. I grew up hating it and wanting straight hair – everyone with straight hair wanted my hair. And so it ensues, all the chemicals and products to make your hair do the opposite of what it wants to do. Accept your hair ladies! The sooner you do that, the better it will start looking. I’m not against processing your hair at all – but if you process it so much that it looks burned and ragged, it’s time for a new approach. The sooner you start loving your hair as is, the sooner it will start loving you back.

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  1. Gina says:

    yay for having beautiful sophia to compliment this article!
    repp’n for the real italian girls 😉

  2. djlissamonet says:

    i appreciate this for real…it reinforces everything that ive been doing with some more helpful lady-like tips!


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