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Alter Egos

Danyale, photo by Derek Blanks

There’s nothing wrong with having an alter ego (*wink, ahem). Superheroes got ’em so they could save people and not be hassled at the grocery store the next day. Rappers have them if they aren’t lucky enough to rock the mic with their God-given name. And you can imagine how quick us girls can whip one up when some uninvited fella wants to give our cellies a ring.

Atlanta-based photographer Derek Blanks has an interesting photo series up that blurs the fine line between extra and ordinary. More photos after the jump…

David Banner


Tisha Campbell


Chrisette Michelle

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3 Responses to “Alter Egos”

  1. miss niesh says:

    I’ve just given my alter ego a name! She’s been christened as “miss niesh money”…xxx

  2. ms.rea says:

    this is amazing…i’m so posting this !!!

  3. Gabriella GDK says:

    i love these photos!


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