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Yes Yes Ya’ll! Support Rap Therapy This Friday!

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

We’ve all heard this beautiful quote before. But Gandhi didn’t say it so that people would admire him and quote him decades after his death. It was also not a suggestion. It was a call for change.

Close to home, I’ve been fortunate enough to know someone who is bringing that call to change into fruition.

My dear friend, Tomas (aka Tomas Alvarez III, M.S.W), a psychodynamically trained social worker, created Beats, Rhymes and Life in 2004. A program that draws upon elements of Hip Hop culture and music to motivate at-risk teens to explore their lives on a deeper level, develop useful skills, foster supportive peer relationships and increase self-efficacy. Dedicated to both direct practice and research, BRL remains in the forefront of organizations currently utilizing therapeutically based Hip Hop programs.

Amazing, right?! Well, this Friday, you can get your party on and support one of the Bay Area’s most innovative up and coming organizations by heading out to “Yes Yes Ya’ll”—A BRL Fundraiser! Check the details below:

More info after the jump!

Get your party on and support one of the Bay Area’s most innovative up and coming organizations.

Beats, Rhymes and Life (BRL) has brought together the Bay Area’s finest for a night to remember – so be there!

with Deejays…
••• SAKE ONE •••

(Local 1200)
••• HAYLOW •••

(Distortion 2 Static)

(Secluded Journalists)

(Distortion 2 Static)
…and featuring live art by…

(Trust Your Struggle Collective)


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