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Women Making History: Final Round-Up

Here’s the final Women Making History series round-up! All 27 ladies ladies in one post. If all these ladies ever got together in one room, heads would explode, our minds would be so blown!

Thanks to everyone who read these features on the daily, posted about the series in their blogs, everyone who left lovely comments…you’re all appreciated!

Here’s a recap of the last 4 features, March 29th-31st:

Saturday, March 24- M.A.F.I.A of Sneaker Freaker
Sunday, March 25 – Linda of Burton/Lovemade
Sunday, March 26 – Tammy of Lovemade
Monday, March 31 – Gabriella & Liz, Founders of M.I.S.S. Crew

The ladies of weeks one, two, three and 4—after the jump!





The Ladies of Week 1:

Monday, March 3 – Toofly
Tuesday, March 4- Lori Lobenstine of Female Sneaker Fiend
Wednesday, March 5 – Digit aka Mami Digital
Thursday, March 6 – Melinda Mann Rivera of HER Nails
Friday, March 7 – Khalym Schell of Sir Hayes

The Ladies of Week 2:

Monday, March 10 – Mitra of Blood is the New Black
Tuesday, March 11- Karen Jane aka KJ of Not Bad For A Girl
Wednesday, March 12 – Nicole of Nicacelly
Thursday, March 13 – Una Kim of Keep Company
Friday, March 14 – “Gina Valdez” of Office Tramp

The Ladies of Week 3:

Monday, March 17 – Amanda Lopez
Tuesday, March 18- Vivian Host aka “Star Eyes”
Wednesday, March 19 – Jennifer aka St. Agnes of Worship Worthy
Thursday, March 20 – The Ladies of DimePiece
Friday, March 21 – Katie aka “Queen Bee” of Good Peoples

The Ladies of Week 4:

Tuesday, March 24- Catzie of 215 Magazine
Monday, March 25 – Lanie of Hellz Bellz
Wednesday, March 26 – Alice Adams of Rock It Retro
Thursday, March 27 – Claw Money
Friday, March 28 – Yasi Salek

Inspire and Be Inspired!





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