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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Tip of the Week: More Spring Secrets – How to Make your Own Green Tea Face Cream

Whether it’s green tea ice cream, green tea mochi, or green tea proper, I LOVE green tea, and I especially love the fact it is packed with powerful antioxidants. Speaking of which, I recently read green tea’s antioxidant properties are particularly beneficial when applied topically to skin, likewise increasing its elasticity, and having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects as well, and companies such as Topix Replenix, are including green tea in their skincare products, retailing in the $50 range. Since scientists know green tea needs a carrier in order to penetrate the outer layers of skin, I decided to do some experimenting of my own with green tea proper, and infused my face cream with it, which is how I came up with this week’s tip: D.I.Y. Green Tea Face Cream.

What to buy:
Green tea bags – $3.00 grocery store

An everyday face cream or moisturizer like Olay’s Sensitive Skin Moisture Therapy Lotion (4 fl oz for $7.99 at Drugstores)


1. Steep a cup of green tea for a few minutes. Once cooled, pour into a sealable bottle for future use.

2. Follow your normal face cleansing routine.

3. On the back of your hand, dab a one use size of face cream or moisturizer. On top of the moisturizer/face cream, pour over 1 teaspoon of green tea and mix with your fingers. Apply liberally to face and neck.

*After I apply this mixture of green tea and moisturizer to my skin, I instantly notice its texture is suppler, smoother, and tighter, with a slightly dewy look.

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!

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2 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Tip of the Week: More Spring Secrets – How to Make your Own Green Tea Face Cream”

  1. Michelle, this segment is easily one of my faves on MISS CREW! It takes me back to the homemade egg white and honey masks I made as a preteen beauty junkie. Keep it up!

  2. M.Editrix Michelle says:

    Awww, thank you! Just trying to help the ladies out!! :)


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