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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Pick & Tips of the Week: Glitter Glamour – How to Get Your Glitter On

Fairy dusted. Whimsical….There is something magical about glitter…..Yes, glitter excites, it’s entirely theatrical, and probably shouldn’t be worn in daylight. Glitter is an attitude, a nighttime guise, a throwback to times of wild, ecstatic fun. Of course the smoky eye, and starlet wings are respectable classics as well, but one can only do so many variations of these, which is especially why I’m so happy to see the boldness of glitter has resurfaced in the world of beauty. For me, glitter is a nostalgic reminder of the clubs and parties of the nineties; bright lights, color full cities – and is the inspiration for this week’s beauty tips and pick.

What to buy:

Aloe Vera Gel like Walgreen’s brand – $2.50 for 6 oz.

Wet n Wild MegaSparkle Loose Confetti – $2.99 Drugstores
(in colors: Silver, Pink Pussycat, White Icing, Periwinkle)

Wet n Wild’s MegaSparkle loose confettis are great because they are extremely versatile in addition to being very low cost. These fine glitters can be used on hair and anywhere on the skin. Since they are loose, they will need a setting agent (a moisturizer for skin, and hairspray for hair).

Price: $2.99
Value: Excellent!
Accessibility: Excellent!
Where to buy: Drugstores


For eyes:
1) Apply eye shadow and liner first.
2) Apply a very tiny (like the size of a bead) amount of aloe vera gel to where you want the glitter.
3) Dip your finger in the glitter, and very carefully dab right over the areas moistened with the aloe vera gel.
4) Once the gel dries, the glitter will be set.
5) Apply mascara last.

*Glittery eyes look best with subtle lips. Use a light gloss or pale shade of lipstick to complete the look.

For the body:
Mix glitter into enough aloe vera gel to cover the surface area, then apply to skin

For hair:
Starting with about a ½ teaspoon of glitter in your palms, run through hair. Spray with an aerosol hairspray to set. Repeat until you have your desired result.

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!

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