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M.I.S.S. April 2008

miss april 2008 flom
FLOM…For Love or Money. Said to be the rarest sneaker of them all and by far holds a huge bounty…if you could even find one for sale. This Nike SB Dunk was master minded by the master mind, Futura 2000 in 2005. Designed to coincide with the opening of his FL (Futura Laboratories) store location in Fukuoka, Japan, only 24 pairs where produced. 3 pairs where raffled at the opening and the rest gifted to friends and family. All in all there are 13 countries currencies represented on the shoes: Malaysia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Singapore, Canada, United States, Brazil, Thailand, Australia, China, Switzerland and Japan. In an interview with Futura on NikeSB.org he shares some of this inspiration behind the shoe:

“The initial idea comes from the STAR WARS bounty hunter: (4LOM) this acronym meaning (FOR LOVE OF MONEY). I’ve been a huge SWARS toy collector for some time and he (4LOM) was my favorite character. However I was always at conflict w/his name. I thought he should have taken a romantic approach and not one of mercenary. The subtle difference(s) between (of & or) are in fact not that subtle at all.”

Read the full interview here.

miss april 2008 flom

During this particular “Playmate” shoot we wore white gloves and Haz Mat suits. Although we are ballin’ enough to cut up hundred dollar bills and other funny money we are a few thousand short to pay for or acquire a replacement for such a gem of a shoe…could you even imagine the horror had nail polish split on them!!! We don’t even wanna go there. So, then, the question still remains: For Love or Money…which do you choose?
*Please note that we here at M.I.S.S. Crew are in fact not ballin’ and no currency, international or domestic, were actually harmed during this shoot.

Download the M.I.S.S. April 2008 calendar here.

Download the M.I.S.S. April 2008 desktop here.

Art Direction: Smoke & Mirrors Creative
Photography: Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee
Nail Art: Smoke & Mirrors Creative
Model: Myra
Post Production: Liz Baca
FLOM Nike SB Dunk from the private collection of The Dark Side Initiative

If you missed out on March’s “Playmate�?, never fear! You can download the Desktop image here and the calendar here.

If you missed out on February’s “Playmate�?, never fear! You can download the Desktop image here and the Calendar here.

If you missed out on January’s “Playmate”, you can download the calendar here and the desktop image here.

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One Response to “M.I.S.S. April 2008”

  1. Krish Krish says:

    Wanna know why I love these monthly calendars from M.I.S.S.?

    Because I’m trying to get swimsuit-ready for the summer, so I print them out, hang them up in my office, and X off every day I go to the gym/workout. Not only does it make my progress easier to track, but seeing the Xs makes me feel guilty about skipping a day, and they are way cooler than those gross desk calendars for the cubicle.


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