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Mini by Lady Luck Rules OK

Lady Luck Rules OK is one of my favorite sites simply because they always have something new on a daily basis. And not just any kind of new stuff, they always have weird, fun little accessories that you just want to buy! Like the new necklaces…they are peanut sized charms! Who doesn’t want that?

The adorable peanut sized illustrated charms are made in white fondant enamel with splashes of neon detail, measuring 2cm wide and dangles from a skinny 45cm necklace sourced from a Parisian bead store.

More pics after the jump!

I can’t get over the cuteness…see for yourself. Visit for purchases and more funky little pieces!

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One Response to “Mini by Lady Luck Rules OK”

  1. GiGi says:

    ooo I’ve had the biggest kindergarden crush on Lady Luck Ok! since last year. Nothing better like getting your retro jewelry from oversea. No one around my way (Bx native) rocks it, or knows where i get them from. I’m like Kanye a bit, “[bitch] you ain’t up on this!” i find all my things on the net, sportin’ brands that won’t be hot yet until a year later. Always ahead of the crowd. i’m loving the MISS crew, too. Keep it up, ladies.


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