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LV Street Market Exhibit at BK Museum




My boyfriend, Mr.Marc Jacobs, has done it again.

 We all know about the Murakami Exhibit now showing at the Brooklyn Museum.  However, I recently came across these pics of an apparent LV Street Market that is also part of the exhibit.  This market is obviously supposed to be a replication of Canal Street. Hellloo?!  So, are those real bags in the pics or are they fake? Why wasn’t I asked to help out with this installation? Do you think they have secret back rooms with all the ‘good’ stuff? Why don’t they have a dude in fake bling selling mixtapes?  Why haven’t they asked to have Cookie Cutter apparel be a part of this?  These are the questions I ponder. I must go see this immediately.    



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One Response to “LV Street Market Exhibit at BK Museum”

  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    OMG! That looks amazing! I need to get out there soon!!


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