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If I Was A Rich Girl . . .

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
Oh, how I love Tiffany. Though these days I’m not buying myself pretty shiny things I still like to look and see all the new stuff that the purveyor of the little blue box has to offer. My favorite, by far, is the ongoing collaboration with world renowned architect Frank Gehry. Every season he creates necklaces and bracelets that I pine over and think “One Day” . . .
tiffany frank gehry
Tiffany is also releasing pieces designed by Jean Schlumberger, a designer that worked with them for many years.
More arm, neck and finger candy after the jump . . .
I love the simplicity of these gold bracelets – so timeless and elegant
And last but not least, 2 of my favorite things! Black hearts and ladybugs! Ladybugs truly are lucky ladies and I wish this could be my new lucky charm.
*I know proper grammar dictates the use of the word “were” not “was” but the title is a tongue in cheek reference to the song Rich Girl song*

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