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I Heart Helena de Natalio Leather Handbags

helena de natalio
I went to Chillin’ last weekend, an event in San Francisco where local designers showcase their goods. I’m so glad I went because I discovered Helena de Natalio leather handbags. These bags were so beautifully constructed they grabbed my attention immediately. The leather is buttery soft, the designs feminine and practical and the production is socially responsible.
helena de natalio
Helen, the designer of the Helena de Natalio collection started her line after being inspired by her experiences in the Peace Corps. Her bags are made in Argentina where she chooses all the leathers and trims herself. She personally guarantees fair wages, a healthy work environment and benefits are provided to all involved in the production of her bags. Stylish and socially conscious! It doesn’t get better than that! Check here for a store near you or for online dealers.
helena de natalio
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helena de natalio
helena de natalio

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One Response to “I Heart Helena de Natalio Leather Handbags”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    They ARE beautiful! Thanks for putting us on to her! What great work ethic!


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