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Crooks & Castles Women’s 8021 Line Drops This Friday Night

8021 womens collection
LA-based men’s streetwear brand Crooks & Castles representing the “thug life” to the fullest is dropping a women’s collection of tees under their store brand 8021 Collection. Now, the ladies can look like their boyfriends and wear the same logo tees the brand has been churning out in different colorways for the past several years. I wonder how long it took for them to come up with this one:
8021 womens collection
Yet another Medusa shirt featuring, what? Really? Still? A bandana. The boys put some sneak peaks on their blog of a pretty girl in one of their other tees. It’s quite confusing though how guys market to women. Do the guys really think that we want to see a girl revealing her pelvic tatoo while she’s pulling down her pants? This is clearly marketed toward the boys who buy their girlfriends clothes and not to the actual ladies. Or maybe the ladies are attracted to this message? Am I missing something?

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5 Responses to “Crooks & Castles Women’s 8021 Line Drops This Friday Night”

  1. ladylexx Lexx says:

    My take? Bad marketing…that blog post is specifically directed at the ladies, worded: “Ladies, if you havn’t heard…” I do not want to see a fellow female looking “oversexed” (having your mouth open like that and showing the word you’re not wearing any panties in a picture is not classy/lady-like).

    Ladies, you’re all individuals…as is your boyfriend. You don’t have to rock a shirt/brand just cause your boyfriend rocks it (I rather have a $40 meal than a t-shirt anyway).

    The Medusa with the bandana is a whole rant/rave on it’s own.

    I do have to say that the first logo tee with the hibiscus flower is nice, classy, and I dig the colorways…and seeing them on their own (and not having a belly button to pull be away from the graphic), I could envision myself rockin’ it.

  2. S80 says:

    Ain’t feeling it. I’d rather rock a thrift tee from the 80s that has some o.g. flava to it.

    If they want to market a line specifically for females & target the FEMALE audience, they have to listen & learn from women, right? I don’t know if they consulted women for this line, but ‘OUR’ input is key. Thus, so is our steez.

    Although clothing can be very personal, it is ultimately, mass produced for consumption. So, in order for a subculture to support and rock a fit, it has to carry some validity, creativity, and originality to it. Their line is geared for what audience again? Folks want to sport designs that are innovative and these, sadly to say, aren’t them.

  3. Em says:

    I do like the first logo tee and I’m all for streetwear brands reaching out to the ladies but I do wish that they’d sit down and think about what ladies really want. Not all of us are interested in streetwear just because our boyfriends are, infact the women that are only into streetwear because of their boyfriends are probably a minority. I don’t believe all of us want flowery variations of mens designs either.

    I’m not against some designs being made unisex because there are some male designs I wish I could wear but it would be nice to look at a women’s line and know that they sat down and thought “let’s do something new for the ladies, let’s think about what they want”.

    Oh and Gabriella I’ve quoted you on this on my blog, if you don’t mind.

  4. Mae says:

    these are dope. love the look. i’ve been waiting for something like this! like, although i can rock a men’s small tee, it just doesn’t accentuate my curves in the right way that a women’s tee would. the men’s designs on women sized tees is a good idea in my opinion. i’m all for it, and would most def be coppin’ anything like that. even the idea of making the men’s design more feminine, honestly, i love it. and i can’t wait to see what else they got

  5. tippy says:

    I like it. I just wish it wasnt so hard to get. I dont live in CA so the shirts that only come out in the store are impossible to get your hands on. but i like how the shirts are just a smaller version of the mens shirts. it would be cool to have girlier shirts. but it is a hot line to me and i like it all.


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