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Bros before Whos: The Dr. Seuss Dilemma

There’s nothing more precious than having a little baby girl to call your own – the itty-bitty witty barrettes, the itty bitty tea party sets, and the itty bitty outfits that are so much cuter than her brother’s. Well the Mayor of Whoville doesn’t agree, and his 96 daughters might as well end up in an orphanage for Angelina Jolie to adopt, because his happiness, and the entire fate of the world rested on the shoulders of his only son. What’s even more annoying was that this was a subplot that was added to the script, and not in the original version of the book. Shame on you, Hollywood!

Peter Sagal, father of three daughters and contributor to NPR, had an interesting rant about the plot of this story, and the plot of every other story in Movie Land that begins and ends with a young man – not young woman’s – destiny to save the entire frickin’ universe. Sure it’s all make-believe in the end, but the unspoken lessons can last for a lifetime.

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2 Responses to “Bros before Whos: The Dr. Seuss Dilemma”

  1. Sondra Sondra says:

    Great post. I had no idea that this movie had a subplot added to the script. What the hell?! I read Sagal’s rant and I totally agree with him. People should not alter and/or fuck with Dr.Seuss. That’s just wrong.

  2. I am one of three daughters and I’d like to think at 25, I’m helping save the world too!

    Plus most of my bros/guy friends are too preoccupied trying to get laid. Ha.


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