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Boosted Mobile Makes Headphones for the Ladies!!!

In the last few years, female DJ’s have been getting a lot of recognition and Boosted has created some new DJ gear designed with us ladies in mind!

There are three different styles available, each in three different color ways, but there are only two out now. The Stiloso has a classic vintage look, and The Grande is an over the ear DJ style monitor headphone. Both of these are available right now at

Read more about these high-quality Boosted headphones after the jump…

As promised, here is some more information on the Boosted Headphones Series:

* The Boosted Headphones come in three models: Stiloso a classic vintage look with the technology for the sound of today; Grande, an over the ear DJ style monitor headphone; and the Pequeno, an on ear style DJ monitor headphone.
* Each series comes in three different color ways resulting in a headphone to complement every sound enthusiast’s personal style!
* The Boosted Headphones are engineered to produce optimum sound from a mobile phone and other compatible devices.
* Contains a slim profile answer/end call button
* In-line microphone allows for simple switching between calls and music.
* Each headphone will also come standard with a 2.5 jack to connect with most mobile phones
* Also comes with interchangeable tips for compatibility with most MP3 devices, DJ equipment, and even the iPhone.

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