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Women Making History: Yasi Salek

When we asked Yasi to send along a short bio for her feature, here’s what she sent over:

Ummm what do i do



yasi tries in missbehave

still write for a few other magazines here and there

oh sometimes i dj but i suck at it

that’s about it. i’m boring.

Launching the only all-women’s streetwear/urban-contemporary clothing shop on the ‘net, writing your very own column for one of the most visited blogs on the ‘net, and doing a hundred other things in between doesn’t sound boring at all, if you ask us!

*We’d like to add that Yasi enjoys crossword puzzles, a good scotch, dressing in all black, and could apparently win a spelling bee over a dance-off.

Learn a little more about the enigmatic yet, always entertaining, Yasi, after the jump!

Yasi made an appearance at the opening of The Hundreds, SF…Did anyone see her?

Ask Yasi #7: Heart Like A Broken Cup

“My question is…who are you?”

Read her answer, in the form of two literary quotes, here: The Hundreds: Ask Yasi

Wanna join a Cult minus the cyanide-laced grape flavored Flavor Aid?

The Tenets of Cultist

  • Tenet 1: Streetwear and sportswear are for everyone, not just Bape enswathed Nike shod Japanese men.
  • Tenet 2: Women’s clothing shall not exclusively be a) pastel, b) tight, or c) frilly. For that, there is Bebe.
  • Tenet 3: Be-dazzlers are for seven year olds.
  • Tenet 4: T-shirts are sexy.
  • Tenet 5: Books are good.
  • Tenet 6: Art is important.
  • Tenet 7: US Weekly is not a style bible.
  • Tenet 8: There are other countries besides the United States, and they make really nice clothes.
  • Tenet 9: Join us, and we will save you from the mall.
  • www.cultistshop.com

So…go ahead^, Ask Yasi a question…or just drop by to read her brilliantly crafted replies to weird boy-questions. Also, pick up the latest issue of Missbehave Magazine to see what “Yasi Tries” next!

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