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Women Making History: Week Three Round-Up

Week Three of our M.I.S.S. Crew exclusive Women Making History series to recap:


Monday, March 17 – Amanda Lopez
Tuesday, March 18- Vivian Host aka “Star Eyes”
Wednesday, March 19 – Jennifer aka St. Agnes of Worship Worthy
Thursday, March 20 – The Ladies of DimePiece
Friday, March 21 – Katie aka “Queen Bee” of Good Peoples

Missed any of the WMH posts?! See the ladies we featured for week one & two after the jump!


The Ladies of Week 1:

Monday, March 3 – Toofly
Tuesday, March 4- Lori Lobenstine of Female Sneaker Fiend
Wednesday, March 5 – Digit aka Mami Digital
Thursday, March 6 – Melinda Mann Rivera of HER Nails
Friday, March 7 – Khalym Schell of Sir Hayes

The Ladies of Week 2:

Monday, March 10 – Mitra of Blood is the New Black
Tuesday, March 11- Karen Jane aka KJ of Not Bad For A Girl
Wednesday, March 12 – Nicole of Nicacelly
Thursday, March 13 – Una Kim of Keep Company
Friday, March 14 – “Gina Valdez” of Office Tramp

…and we don’t stop…and we don’t quit…we have more features waiting for you next week!


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