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Women Making History: Week One Round-Up

Hey Ladies! In case you missed any of week 1 of our M.I.S.S. Crew exclusive Women Making History series, we’ve rounded the week up below! Again, tune in everyday in March—Women’s History Month—to see who’s making history!

Monday, March 3 – Toofly
Tuesday, March 4- Lori Lobenstine of Female Sneaker Fiend
Wednesday, March 5 – Digit aka Mami Digital
Thursday, March 6 – Melinda Mann Rivera of HER Nails
Friday, March 7 – Khalym Schell of Sir Hayes

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2 Responses to “Women Making History: Week One Round-Up”

  1. menaceleague says:

    (disclaimer: no disrespect intended, and only admiration towards these females for holding their own in this game) I really hope these installments get a little more versatile. we love fashion, streetwear, etc but to say strongly and proudly that these women are making history (with one of their favorite quotes being “your only as good as your last trick”) is a little depressing. joke or no joke, we gotta be recognizing the females that are SERIOUSLY changing the world in crazy places, not zones that are challenging, true, but are still a little tame compared to the machete wielding females in the amazon bringing pharmaceuticals to people in need or those running around d.c. doing bitch work to learn how to one day run shit and change the world. yaknowimeaaan?

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi menaceleague. Thanks for your comments. I understand your point and we have the utmost respect for the women you spoke of. Since we are a fashion, design, music, art, etc. blog, we’ve decided to highlight women in those industries. We’re not belittling other women, just focusing on the women behind the brands that we feature.


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