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Women Making History: Lori Lobenstine

Lori Lobenstine founded Female Sneaker Fiend in April of 2005. She had two goals: to create an online place where females in the sneaker game could find each other and to shred the myth that only guys were serious “sneakerheads.” With over 17,000 members and 100,000 page requests daily, FSF seems to have done both! In the meantime, the site has also brought together community in the “real world” and begun to reshape and highlight women’s roles in the sneaker industry.

See more of how and why Lori’s making history after the jump!

Little Lori on her bed—TRIMMED!

…the BLOCK is HOT!

Sneaker Pimps NYC 2007 – FSF CREW

Reppin’ Female Sneaker Fiend!

History Making Links:

Main Site: femalesneakerfiend.com

Blog: blog.femalesneakerfiend.com

The Largest Online Marketplace for Little Feet:


MySpace: myspace.com/femalesneakerfiend

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3 Responses to “Women Making History: Lori Lobenstine”

  1. You go girl. You look good at any age, but who’s counting. It’s hard to tell whether you or Hershel look better, but then you both look great. You may be the first History Making Lobenstine, at least in this century. And this sure looks like it’s your century. Make sure you remind us all of that High Status this summer when we all gather some where. And bring some videos along.
    love ya lots, Farns

  2. Sarah says:

    You’re amazing Cuz! Way to go! And you sure were a cute kid….

  3. Way 2 go Boss Lady! Now when we getting a FSF collab sneaker?


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