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Women Making History: Linda of Lovemade/Burton

Linda Nguyen is only 26 but her resumé reads like that of a veteran of the fashion industry. The Orange County, native is currently the women’s designer at Burton, the director of the Ladies Lotto Los Angeles chapter and is the founder/designer, event producer, graphic designer,and ninja for Lovemade—an events company and creative collective who supports other female professionals.

The ladies of Lovemade work on a variety of projects ranging from fashion styling, consulting, events, graphic/apparel design, and music. The team consists of designers, make-up artists, hair stylists, marketing/event coordinators, djs, photographers, and fashion consultants.

After the jump, see a time line of the journey Linda took to get to where she is today. Linda also shares with us a preview of the Fall ’08 collection she designed for B by Burton, plus a behind the scenes video of the shoot. Jump!

School: Junior college- no formal training. I taught myself how to use illustrator which is one of the main programs I use designing. I highly recommend “Illustrator for Dummies”!

1999: Launched L_ephunk events: worked mainly with indie hip hop

artists such as like Pep Love(Hieroglyhics), Blackalicious,

Aceyalone,Project Blowed, Visionaries, Beat Junkies.)

(At the time in Orange County- nothing was poppin off. My Dad owned a club venue called MVP so I saw it as an opportunity to start something for my friends and the community. I always like the idea of bringing people together with Music, Fashion, Art, and a good causes.)

99-02: L_ephunk still running as a monthly event. Attending College. Hustled for a couple years at Mixwell, Truth Anti Tobacco Campaign Tour, Stacks Vinyl Record store.

02: Started “Stencil”. An accessory line made by hand. (first real experience w/ fashion- dealt w/ buyers, opened accounts at American Rag , Fred Segal and other boutiques like GreyOne)

Hit up Obey for an internship when I found out they were in OC. Got promoted to women’s designer after 6 months.

03: Launched Obey Women’s Collection

05: Left Obey to work at Flip Skateboards (worst mistake ever) At the time, I was a little naive and took the Flip Job because of the money. I ended up being miserable, designing for a brand i couldn’t relate to. I was designing apparel for the youth skate market. Thats when I realized in order for me to be happy , I have to stick at what I love doing which was women’s apparel design.

05-06: Got Job at L-R-G. Helped launched their women’s line LUXIRIE.

Designed apparel and helped create Luxirie company Logo and slogan “labor of love”

Didnt work out as a full time job- currently assisting Luxirie with their ad campaigns.

06: Got an opportunity to work with Lauryn Hill as her fashion assistant. Traveled to South Africa.

07-current: Burton and Lovemade

Linda gave us a sneak peek of the Fall 2008 B BY BURTON apparel women’s collection she designed:

Model Tiana, sports Unorthodox. Amazing denim, skinny leg, hooded overalls (got all that?)…with a removable bib so you can rock the the piece as a jeans!

Truly unorthodox…and we like it!

Model Jamie Nyoy in Code 13. A nylon pull over windbreaker. It’s double hooded with a removable hood visor.

Model Jamie Bird, is wearing So Flossy. A leather & fleece bomber jacket with an over-sized collar.

It has a removable hoodie with a visor (see the image below) and hidden inside pockets.

All photography by: Peter Graham

Linda shares her inspiration behind the innovative B by Burton pieces she designed on the LoveMade blog.

You can also stay up with her on the LoveMade Myspace!

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4 Responses to “Women Making History: Linda of Lovemade/Burton”

  1. james says:

    damn these chicks are hot!!! .. linda where can i find you??

  2. Mims says:

    I am an apparel design student in Seattle and came across this site while researching Burton for a research project. I love what you do, Linda. You are an inspiration – is there any way I can get in touch with you to ask some questions?

  3. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Hey Mims!

    Linda isn’t directly linked to this site but you can contact her via the LoveMade blog (and get more info on her Burton project) here: http://lovemade.blogspot.com/2008/02/b-by-burton-apparel-sneak-peak.html

    or via MySpace here: http://www.myspace.com/lovemade

    Good luck with the research and school!


  4. ashley says:

    hey! its ashley your neice kristi and triets kid:) i loooove what you do. your amazing auntiee linda:P


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