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Women Making History: Khalym Schell of Sir Hayes

“If I had a kid what would I dress them in?” that’s a question Khalym Schell asks herself daily. Knowing babies will grow out of clothes almost as soon as they are bought—keeping Sir Hayes designs clever and classic are the only concerns. Unlike many kids lines Sir Hayes is playful with grown-up style. Fun designs, witty references and sophisticated touches make up an irresistible line for kids that’s cool enough for parents.

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The Frank’s Chop Shop slogan is “a barbershop for the modern gentleman of leisure” …and this little man looks right at home in his Tike tee!

Keepin’ it fresh like pre-school!

Clean-cut & classy! Rockin’ the coolest crewneck sweater on the block—the Mr. Humphrey!

Sir Hayes is not just limiting itself to graphic rompers and onesies. The clothing label is expanding into a lifestyle. Sir Hayes presents Art Ratz was just launched. An organized art class play-date co-hosted with established artists and companies such as Kid Robot, JK5, Zuek and Bijules.

A past Art Ratz x Kid Robot event: Paint a Munny!

Stay up on the coolest kid events from Sir Hayes & Art Ratz by checkin’ out the links below:

For clothing: www.sirhayes.com

For art: www.artratz.sirhayes.com

For play: www.myspace.com/sirhayesclothing

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