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Women Making History: “Gina Valdez” of Office Tramp

Office Tramp by Gina Valdez is collaboration between two college friends that became the quintessential Office Tramps after graduation and moving to San Francisco to begin their “professional careers.” After a year of working in the corporate world, they got bored of their 9 to 5’s and needed a creative outlet to maintain their sanity! But having to live in one of the greatest (but most expensive) cities in the world, they needed to keep workin’ hard for the $$$! Girls’ gotta eat right? Bored not only from their jobs, they were bored of their standard mundane, blend in with the walls, work attire, so they took matters into their own hands and started making pieces for themselves. In their case, boredom drove them to insanity which spawned creativity and Office Tramp was born!

The ladies wanted to create accessories for girls like them who aren’t afraid to mix glam with a little bit of humor, kitsch, and of course bling. Office Tramp has been alive and breathing for 3 years now and even though they’re now trampin’ it in LA and the Bay, they hope to be around for more years to come!

Who is Gina Valdez? Are you an Office Tramp?! Get the answers after the jump!

Office Tramp definition:

    A young female, working hard for the $$$$ at some boring job to pay for the 3 essentials in life: Rent, Bills, and Fashion!!! The Office Tramp’s style is to NEVER BE BORING. She is slightly rebellious, plenty independent, and a whole lotta flashy. For the Office Tramp, great style means taking risks even if you incite office gossip. Office job’s can be dull, but really now, data entry isn’t so bad if you’re lookin’ cute!

>O.T. Words to Live By: Just because your job’s boring don’t mean you have to be!

Get to know the Gina half of “Gina Valdez”:

Now, get to know the Valdez half of “Gina Valdez”:

A look at the products:

Office Tramp in Black Acrylic

The Office Tramp booth at Gen Art SF.

All The Cool Kids are wearing it!

A piece from the OT 2005 Collection…

A piece from the OT 2006 Collection…

More of the unique pieces…

Add some texture to your wardrobe with pearls, chains, and acrylic!

Oh, did we mention we’re giving a piece similar to the one above away?! Check the details HERE!

In true Office Tramp style, 2008 will definitely be all about working hard for the money all day, everyday! The ladies will be collaborating with good friends Severe Gentlemen on another hot photo shoot, launching their Spring/Summer 2008 collection, revamping their website, and of course working on dropping some more OT goodness to accessorize all the fly ladies and fellas.

The OT 2008 Collection—one of the classiest ways ever to say you’re working 9 to 5!

The ladies of Office Tramp are also excited about a small art show they’ll be a part of this April in San Francisco. They will be showcasing our 2008 collection, photography by Severe Gentlemen, and works by artist Jeanelle Chang based on the idea of an Office Tramp. More details to come!

For now, visit them at OfficeTramp.com or check out their Office (My)Space!

…and one last friendly reminder (click on the image for more info):

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